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Ibrahima DIALLO

Je suis présent dans l'entreprise depuis 2 ans. Et ce que j'ai appris, c'est qu'une telle grande entreprise ne laisse jamais tomber ses employés car elle trouve toujours une solution pour les soutenir. C'est une opportunité de travail et de…

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Jace Glodove

I have been with the company since 2018, then suddenly the campaign that I was with was dissolved during the pandemic (COVID), but this company never left us behind. They did their best to support us. All of us got…

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Verot Loetitia

Bonjour Je suis Loetitia, j’ai rejoint Foundever en mars 2023. Vous vouliez savoir si nous avions une belle histoire sur l’alphabétisation et l’éducation et bien voici la mienne. Parcours professionnel atypique. Je me suis engagée dans l’armée à 18 ans,…

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Manpreet Kaur

I have recently joined Sitel, also known as Foundever, in the month of February as a communication coach. My experience has been amazing with all the tasks and challenges. People are just great—friendly and helpful here. I have made friends…

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Saul Garcia

My story with Foundever is relatively short, and I was really surprised by the people I was meeting at the time. I had never felt so welcomed and accepted in the workplace. I'm grateful to have met such decent and…

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