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Deyan Chavdarov

Environment & nature is vital for us & we must appreciate everything related to it. From smallest to biggest!

Actions me & my family have taken to fight climate change & also to care more of the environment relate to limit the amount of plastic at maximum, stop eating meat (also fish..), stop buying (plastic) water but go get mineral water from the natural springs – as we have many of those around Sofia, Bulgaria.

Yes, it takes some time to adapt diet but actually I feel much better, sleep better & have less health problems & I (& my family) do not relate to the meat production – as we know this has negative impact on Climate.. Yes, it takes some time to get used to go for water every second weekend but actually can be fun! Moreover, I do not buy plastic bottles, but just bring re-usable bottle (5L to be honest) with me in car. Also, 99% of time I try to not order delivery food as this means extra plastic, fuel for delivery, etc. I try bring food with me & prepare at home so to limit plastic use. Last but not least, me & my family have a thing we do every time we go hiking – we bring a bag or 2 with us & collect all the rubbish’s we can see in the forest / maintain, etc. This is our way to give back to nature, as we feel great after every day spent in the maintain feel we must give something back to nature! 🙂

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