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Paloma Sevilla

Peru, Uncategorized

I was so happy when I received an offer to work at Foundever because a couple of months ago I…

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Antonio Perez

Panama, Uncategorized

My name is Antonio Perez, and I've been working at Foundever for a bit over 2 years. I've always felt…

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Emerson Escalante

El Salvador, Uncategorized

I started working for Foundever about 5 and a half years ago; I started as an CSE Agent. My coach…

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Jenna Smith

Uncategorized, United States

Pride for me is stepping out of my comfort zone to break barriers in the hope that future generations do…

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Hi everyone, my name is Marine and I have been working for Foundever for 4 years. Foundever gave me the…

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Patricia Fernández Pino


Hola, mi historia en Foundever es de reencuentro con una profesión que abandoné en 2016 para emprender un camino en…

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