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Marianne Opto

I started as an agent way back in 2019 in March. At that time I enjoyed everything because the account, mainly our process, are easy, not unlike with the previous company I worked for. During our training every time they…

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Hi everyone, my name is Marine and I have been working for Foundever for 4 years. Foundever gave me the chance to go to Rabat with my OM and meet an incredible team during some days. This experience was awesome,…

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Sonali Raajkumar

When I got selected for Foundever, I was doubtful of how the journey would be and what the company is all about. On my first day, as I entered the building, I felt only positive vibes; from there, the rest…

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Regin Garingo

“Being a follower is the strongest foundation of a Leader.” This is a firm belief of Regin, who is one of the empowered voices here at Foundever. Regin started her Foundever journey in Pasig as a customer service representative. Hence,…

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