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Adel Kayani

My name is Adel Kayani,

I’ve been working at Foundever in the United Kingdom (Kingston) for almost 5 years.

When the news of Covid-19 developed into a pandemic in my country, there was a time of unease where we did not know what to expect of our government and how our lives would be affected.

But Foundever acted with great efficiency and was able to quickly set up my entire campaign to work from home. This enabled us to continue providing our services to our customers and towards the client.

I’m happy to have been given the opportunity to continue working through this pandemic in a safe and comfortable environment.

Other than the work we provide, I do have to state that I miss interacting with my colleagues on the call floor. There is a great diversity of people working at Foundever, making it a welcoming place for everyone.

I expected to enjoy the quietness and calmness of working from home, but I have to say that the only bad part about it is that I miss seeing my colleagues five times a week.

Due to the way that Foundever set us up at home, we can give the same service and have all the necessary tools to continue doing so from home.

#Staysafe #StrongerTogether

United Kingdom

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