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Adrián López

I started in Foundever in 2017 as a CSR. When I started working in Foundever my goal was to become a Quality Analyst as I wanted to be able to help agents to improve on their metrics and be part of the success of our campaign. I worked hard in order to achieve my goal and finally in January 2020 I got the position as a Quality Analyst Apprentice. I had the opportunity to help many of my coworkers to improve and be better, and due to my productivity I was in charge of the Chat LOB.

Foundever has helped a lot to grow professionally, the Adrian that started in 2017 is not the same now. I’ve been able to develop many skills I didn’t know I had to, and also I’ve overcome many challenges.

In April I was giving the opportunity to become an official Quality Analyst for one of our campaigns in Foundever at Home; I’m so happy as I’m still developing other skills in my current role. I definitely can say that Foundever is a place for opportunities and as a Max Insider I’m so proud to be part of this company and say “Hey, I work for Foundever”.

#Foundever_Nicaragua #Thisistheplacetogrow


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