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Ariel Altamirano

Hi Guys,

This is Ariel Altamirano and this is a piece of my story and experience working for Foundever. my story with Foundever started back in 2020 when I joined the company through FLIP program, after 2 months of improvement and great experiences I became part of the technical support campaign as a customer service agent, I felt welcomed and appreciated since I started with the company, and after a few months i became one of the top performers in the campaign eventually i was able to become a mentor for different waves in the campaign which was something that made me feel so proud of myself since i was able to do it because of all the knowledge that i had been acquiring and i am so thankful with Foundever for giving me the huge honor to be part of this incredible family. But I know my journey won’t end. I am currently working on growing in the company and being able to share more experiences and motivate others to grow individually and professionally

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