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Axel Jiron

My story at Foundever began on August 2017, I was looking for financial independence and found this company through a friend. I started as one of the pioneers at a great campaign. At the very beginning I was selfish and did not want to share my experience with others. Eventually, I understood that an attitude like that can hold you back from having opportunities until throughout encouragement from several mentors and coaches and a lot of emotional intelligence, I started modeling and living under Foundever core values. A little bit after I became a Coach apprentice and was given the opportunity to become part of the first wave of a new campaign. Nowadays, I happily say that I am proud of being part of such an amazing company with great record in performance, proven success in motivation and leadership in the industry. I am now an official and experienced coach who throughout the time have sharped the ability to work well with people and communicate fearlessly. The journey does not stop here, always looking forward for the next step because you are as good as of today.

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