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Ayoub Nour

Hi everyone,

my name is Ayoub Nour, I am still a newbie at Foundever and a newbie at marriage as well. I don’t know if there is any coordination between the two, but I started working at Foundever because I was getting married, and the project I was working on was failing. When I first started working here I used to come because I need to, but with time I come because I loved to be here. I received more than I wanted from this job and more. I entered an unknown territory for me which is call center, and I feel day by day I am getting better at it. Finally, what made this job more fun and enjoyable are my co-workers and my team leaders which I consider as friends now. They are friendly and easy going, they made it easy for me to connect with them and with Foundever. As for Foundever, I am just starting and I am not planning to leave anytime soon.


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