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Betsabe Sanchez

My name is Betsabe Sanchez and I’ve been in Foundever since January of 2008. It’s a funny story because I was accompanying a friend of mine that was applying. When we were here they offered me to apply and I ended up staying and she didn’t.

Thanks to this job, I was able to pay for my college education, I was able to afford to go on vacation to different places, like the beautiful beaches of Mexico. I’ve been able to afford to go to concerts of some really good bands, like Foo Fighters, System of a Down, Good Charlotte, Papa Roach, among others. I’ve been able to go to different music festivals. I’ve been able to maintain a pretty active social life as well as being able to give my mom a washer, dryer and a new kitchen.

This month I’m finally receiving my Coach certification, my plan is to save up as much as possible to buy a car and be able to go on vacation to Japan with my friends. I’ve been able to do so many things because of my job at Foundever, have many experiences in my personal life and grow professionally.

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