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Bosco José Sánchez

Hi everyone!!! My name is Bosco Sanchez and I am a Senior Coach for our financial account here at Foundever. I started my journey back in 2014 as a customer service representative and immediately loved the company´s culture and values. I am the type of person who enjoys helping and learning from others and found nothing but the perfect environment for my personal and professional growth here. After 10 months, I became a mentor and worked with training and the outlier performing strategy for approximately 2 years. Later, was promoted to the Escalations department where I spent 2 years assisting our front-line agents with escalated calls. After that, decided to move to the Coach Track Trainee program, being promoted to Coach after 6 months. Finally, and after two and a half years in the position, I was promoted to Senior Coach and feel very thankful for the career opportunities provided. There is no better example of “people first culture” than the one we live here at Foundever!!!

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