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Dorothee Dalaine

I am a 35-year-old mother of an 11-month baby. I joined Foundever 7 years ago and, like many Foundever associates, it was ‘an accident’. I didn’t know anything about the contact center industry. My very first week, I attended an internal event in which one of our founders paraphrased a very well-known French TV commercial ‘Foundever* is like the Twingo, design the life that goes with it’… and that is what set the tone for my journey.

I am a caricature of my generation. I get bored easily. Foundever gave me the opportunity to learn and every 2 years, I have grown as a professional and taken on new, exciting challenges. I am traveling the world with Foundever. I work with people from 24 countries, with diverse backgrounds, skills and personalities. We work with +300 brands, I will be retired before I get to know all of our clients.

I am a caricature of my generation. I don’t like bureaucracy and management layers – and that’s good because as an outsourcer, we can’t afford them. We are 75,000 associates, but we run a lean operation.

I am a caricature of my generation. I want to be inspired. Our 2 founders are true entrepreneurs, the leadership team is committed, hands-on, and passionate.

I am a caricature of my generation. I want to have fun. I don’t believe in a clear separation between work and personal life. My co-workers are also my friends.

Like that Twingo commercial, I’ve been able to design my life and my career in a great working environment and surrounded by great people. When I started, we were 6,000 employees… now we are 75,000. Been in an environment with this level of growth opens up a great deal of opportunities, and that makes an amazing difference.

Not long after I joined Foundever, I had a drink with friends from my school and they asked questions about my new job. The difference between their idea of the contact center and my reality with Foundever surprised me – they have a very narrow-minded perception of what it is. Our job is to deliver amazing customer experiences. This requires emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication skills, diversity and cultural intelligence and technology knowledge. We are the flexible arm of our clients, and a big part of their customer-facing efforts, which demands active learning and the ability to embrace change. Does that sound familiar? Yes, those are the top-wanted skills for the future of work.

It became very important to me to tell the world about our associate experience – and this is why I am writing this story. Come visit Foundever sites. Read Foundever stories. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

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