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Dustin Dodson

It was the summer of 2017 when I started my Foundever journey. I was 25 years old and fresh out of a graduate program where I completed my Master of Arts in Communication. On the outside, the world looked like it was mine to conquer. On the inside, I was afraid. “I don’t know how to search for a career!” I would rub my hands back-and-forth into my hair and repeat this statement out loud to my girlfriend at the time.

I knew I wanted a PhD, but not quite yet. So in the mean time I was lost, most of the time emotionally, sometimes physically.

But I needed to work. I needed to keep busy, stay challenged, and I needed income. So I applied just to Foundever, San Angelo a few weeks after walking the stage. A few weeks after that I was being trained for my new position.

I’ve been at Foundever for roughly 2 years, 3 months, 1 week and 3 days. During the time I have risen from the level of agent to Learning Specialist. In my time here I’ve had the privilege to not only teach several classes that have walked through my classroom door, but learn with them. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about everyone and in turn, educate myself on other’s views and culture. It’s an experience that I relish in and have used as the backbone in creating an inclusive, healthy learning environment.

Foundever was also my rock in my time of need. Burying a parent is an event that most everyone has to go through, but the emotional toll it weighs down on you, both physically and mentally, is something that should not and cannot be overstated. When I lost my dad in the summer of 2018 I felt I had nothing left in the tank. Luckily, Foundever was there. I put all my focus into work and my co-workers carved out extra time in their busy days to ensure that I was okay, or as okay as I could be. If Foundever wasn’t there during those moments, I’m not sure where or who I’d be right now.

Foundever was never a place I expected to see myself in, but I’m glad our paths converged. My time here has been educational and formative to future I’m creating for myself. I owe my site and the people who have picked me up along the way the world.

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