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Emerson Escalante

I started working for Foundever about 5 and a half years ago; I started as an CSE Agent. My coach was very supportive as I showed very early my eagerness and desire to grow within the company. 3 months later I was given the opportunity to be part of the mentors team, 4 months later I became the first Sales Expert and Coach for the entire LOB and 4 months more I had the opportunity to transition as “Temp Coach” in which I had the pleasure to be mentored by the Sales Champ Client, along with the guidance of my account Supervisor.

Now, I have almost 5 years within the role of Coach, I have worked in 5 different LOBs within Foundever, and I have also had the gratitude to prepare agents from the programs I have been part of to build, shape up the career path within this company and this industry and see them succeed just like I did. Empowering people and giving them the tools, guidance and the opportunity to grow has been the most rewarding and joyful experience within my role! <3

El Salvador

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