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Franck Olivier HOUON

Hello, I’m Franck Olivier Houon, and today I want to share with you my Foundever story:

I first heard about Foundever from a friend of mine working there and she told me: “this job is very important for me because I’m treated as a family member.”

That sound strange to me because I always thought that the professional world was everything but not something we could consider as family. So I decided in March of 2019, just out of curiosity to also join Foundever. I was looking for a stable job where I could have the possibility to build a career and after 3 months I told myself: “this is the best place for me if I want to discover a lot and gain experience, have fun daily with great collaborators and work programs.”

Since, Foundever also helped me to deal with some personal problems and everybody showed me I could count on them with everything, concerning work or personal affairs. I’m always well treated, learn new stuff and meet great people every day in this company. That’s why I also encourage people working in other companies to join this new family of mine.

Also, I recently had the opportunity to join the Foundever MAX Project as a MAX Insider, celebrate the first anniversary with all the collaborators worldwide and I really appreciate that new experience. I meet new people, learn new work programs and also have the feeling of being a whole member of the great Foundever Community around the world.

As a conclusion, I would like to thank every member of this family that made me understand that we can also be treated as a family member in the professional world and wish them a great future with Foundever.

Franck Olivier Houon,

From Foundever Abidjan.

Ivory Coast

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