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Graham Bone

I have been working from home for a week now as have the other 2 guys in my team. I conduct planning calls with them twice a day so we can map out what the work priorities are what we are working on so we have a clear plan in place. The reality is we will call each other throughout the day to discuss work queries anyway.

In the office, I like to visit all departments as much as possible to obtain the information I require, rather than sending multiple e-mails. So, the challenge has been adjusting to not being able to do this. I’m sure my colleagues in the office are missing my regular visits!

There are many things at home that can cause distractions but the main thing is to ensure you create a workspace that you feel comfortable in. There’s no right or wrong answer to this, just whatever works best for each individual.

My daughters have certainly appreciated me being home but still haven’t worked out why Daddy is home so much. My wife has been great though, giving them different activities each day to pass the time. The nice sunny weather has helped with this as they have spent most of the time in the garden (unfortunately the glare of the sun made outdoor working impossible for me!).

Whenever I do fancy a bit of downtime though, I can call on my helpful assistant to take over.

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