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Harvey Aleno

Thank you to the amazing leaders of our account.
Sharing with you our current situation: Where would you find bosses who will pick you up at your house and drop you home safely in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic? Who will wake up so early? I don’t know if they even get to sleep because they also have to drop our employees at their respective homes.
After that, they think of what they can do better for tomorrow to keep the account going and performing well. This is one reason why I can’t let go of this family. Yes, I may not get a high salary but I have this second family. A blessing in disguise.
Thank you for building and keeping our crazy but amazing family. I may not be able to say this in-person to each of you guys but let me share it to everyone how amazing you are.
Hat’s off to our amazing leaders. #SalamatBarkada
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