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Hemam Rinky

Growing up I was always obsessed with perfection and pois behavior. I was born in a family with two other siblings .My mom always taught us that as girls we should always strive to be the best we could be and that meant excelling in academics as well as beauty .My one and only motivation in life had been my father who encourage me in every aspects but he expired leaving us alone which was a very heart breaking moment in life . My mom’s went into depression and there was also financial issue since my father passed away . I was still like around 15 of ages when my father passed away .But as time went by we siblings started managing the family without any help from anyone my elder sister started earning and currently I’m also working in reputed company of my dreams .

Right at this present moment ,I want to learn more and help my family to be at a stable position where I can be of help to them .

Thank you.


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