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Estas são as histórias das nossas pessoas

Nossas pessoas são nossa história

Ao redor do mundo, nós somos empoderados a criar experiências únicas: empoderando-se e empoderando outros – uma conversa de cada vez. Nós somos as vozes atrás da ligação – resolvendo problemas e entregando, a cada dia, experiências excepcionais ao cliente.


Leia suas histórias.

I've been a Customer Service Associate with Foundever for a year and four months. Despite initially aiming for a college degree, life steered me toward a different path of personal and professional growth outside of college. This journey has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Joining the company during a challenging period was a blessing in disguise. My coach and teammates have become a treasured family, providing unwavering support and embracing me as one of their own. I find it hard to imagine another company so committed to nurturing their agents' development and demonstrating such understanding. Being part of this family empowers me, boosts my confidence, and fuels my ambition. I'm excited about my continued growth and aspire to become a coach myself one day. Philippines

I started as an agent way back in 2019 in March. At that time I enjoyed everything because the account, mainly our process, are easy, not unlike with the previous company I worked for. During…

I have always been trying to get into BPO companies, but I thought I was a failure. However, everything changed and prospered when I found Foundever. I made the right decision to join this company.…

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