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Ivan Fernandez

My name is Ivan Fernandez and I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the Foundever family since 2016. I was chosen to be part of the Recruitment team, I was part of that team for 2 ½ years, until recently when I transitioned to the Social Media team.

It’s now been 3 years working with this company and I never thought I would have gained so much in so little time. At first, I didn’t believe I’d be able to move up, but when I realized I had the support from my team I went full throttle. I was most definitely given the tools and support to get to where I am today, employee development is something that Foundever puts focus on and I’m proof that it works!

I’m glad to be part of something big and this company shows interest in all of its employees, whether it be personal or professional.

Inclusion is one of the many pillars at Foundever, where your individuality is accepted and taken care of! I’m proud to be part of a family that looks out for us and makes us feel at ease.

At Foundever, we don’t just promote diversity, we embrace it! In honor of International Pride Month, we’re celebrating our uniqueness by sharing stories of pride, inclusiveness and daring to be different.

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