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Jairo Largaespada Duarte

Hi, My name is Jairo Largaespada Duarte and I will share just a piece of my big story at Foundever

I’ve been in Foundever almost four years already, I’ve been in two campaigns, since the first moment I started at Foundever I knew that the growth opportunity was everywhere, I applied for PDS (Peer Development Specialist) program which allowed me to help the agents through the learning curve, actually I’m a LSTT where I feel is my area, Train the new peers as the first step in Foundever, and it has been one of the most important experiences that I ever had in my life, I have been learning from people that are around me, I met new friends, I helped people to improve efficiently using their tools provided, I learned to understand the importance of  team work and improve myself not only as human as well as employee, one of the reason I decided to be part of Foundever Family it is because I want to grow within Foundever.

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