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Judith Marie Estrada

March 13, 2020, a year ago, I wrote this word in my journal.

ANTIFRAGILE – some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, stressors, and uncertainty. I wrote it because i think it is important for me to remember (I even related it to Hiro and Baymax of Big Hero 6)

Little did i know, that i will come to know each and every word intimately. I am a process person. I’ve been with the CI Process Improvement team since 2009 where there is structure, nicely drawn frameworks, great process flows, and colorful pareto charts.

Suddenly, pandemic happened, a totally different experience where i (like everyone else) felt ripped out of my normal day to day and hurled into a world of disorder, uncertainty, and yes, paranoia.

Since its my role to create processes, we then need to bring order to the chaos. No historical data, no trend, no baseline. This is the baseline.

There are only two options, try to regain and rebuild what once was or try to create something new and embrace the uncertainty and imperfection because you feel in your gut that it is the right thing to do.

And like any new process ideas, there will be some who will not take their chances with you…and then there are those who will fully support you and trust you. I focused on those who trusted and faced the challenge with GRIT (Goal, Resilience, Intense Courage, and Tenacity).

Wouldn’t you know…because i am surrounded with great people and great teams, i was able to take responsibility and be of service to the organization the best way i can where GRIT became GAIT, Resilience became Anti-fragility.

In all these roller-coaster experience, I received an award for my outstanding contribution to the organization during the recent Global Connect. I wholeheartedly thank Foundever for not only recognizing but also validating excellence, for believing in the #WomenofFoundever. #IWD


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