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Judy B. Yagyagen

When I applied at Foundever, I didn’t really have a plan to work for long. My plan was just to part-time while waiting for my employment visa. I didn’t think this was a job that fit me and provided for my needs.

When I started training, I really didn’t trust anyone at work. At my previous job, I didn’t go out with my co-workers, didn’t even dine out unless it was a special occasion like Ramadan.

But everything changed when I started working at Foundever. This is the only company that makes me cry, laugh and smile, dine out, plan out and mingle with each and everyone, make jokes and share personal stories. I am the type of person who doesn’t share personal issues, but here I learned to share and be open. I learned how to trust people and share my story.

To be honest, I planned to resign, but something stopped me. I am afraid to get out of my comfort zone. Foundever is my training ground, this is the company where I learned to trust, to enjoy at work, not to worry what people around me will say. I can be me, a company that accepts trust and believes in my capabilities. A company that built who I am now, not by position but what I have become as a person. This is a company where they accept people without age limit and mold.

This is what I share with my OFW friends – that there’s an opportunity and a company waiting for them. The only thing that they need to do is trust and give it a shot – and that is here at Foundever. Here at Foundever, you meet a lot of people, different people, different stories but the goal is the same: to be the great not only the best.

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