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Karelia Palacios

We all love differently, but every single way to love is just perfect. I come from a conventional family where respect and tolerance are really important. However, when it comes to sexuality and people with different preferences, they are not really comfortable speaking about it. Even though I grew up in that environment, I’ve always enjoyed getting to know people from the LGTB community. I consider them really creative, smart, goal-oriented and equal to everyone else. Two years ago, my sister showed her sexual preferences as an adolescent. It changed nothing about my feelings for her and I proudly support her in her path, encourage her to continue doing things right and accepting what she is and how she is. I feel that I love her even more now and every time I tell her that she is perfect just as she is.

Working for Foundever has been an amazing experience that has given me the opportunity to meet people from the LGTB community. I am talking about successful people with amazing feelings. I love Foundever because they accept people from diversity and no type of discrimination is tolerated. It is an amazing place to work and they support diversity!

At Foundever, we don’t just promote diversity, we embrace it! In honor of International Pride Month, we’re celebrating our uniqueness by sharing stories of pride, inclusiveness and daring to be different.

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