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Karen Corina Guerrero H

Hi, My name is Karen I began at Foundever back in 2018.I started with the impression that this was going to be temporary, but I was wrong because it was not what I was expecting. Here I found a place with excellent people, willing to help you to grow up. This is my first BPO experience, so I was clueless, but a lot of people has helped me in this amazing journey.They gave me the confidence that I was missing, and for that I will be always thankful.I want to help other people to grow up and support them.

I know that been here at Foundever has been an excellent choice, moreover I want to be here for a long time as well. I strongly believe that been here had helped me to develop my English skills and my perception of what customer service is. With MAX I can be part of the change. I am excited to know how this will change my life not only professionally but personally as well.

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