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Kelli Harrison

I am very proud of my career; it has always been my passion. After putting myself through college, I went on to become one of the first women in my family to attend and earn a degree. I started at Foundever as a consultant in Detroit; my team assisted General Motors in consolidating 25 contact centers across the country into three main hubs. Since starting my career 20 years ago, I have put a lot of importance on building my reputation, as I believe it is one of the most critical professional assets that’s allowed me to develop skill sets and grow within Foundever.

I have taken risks and challenges that not only helped me better myself as an employee; but also as a woman. From leading improvement initiatives for Fortune 500 companies in Dublin and the UK, to meeting the love of my life and relocating to Tampa, FL in 2005; I have taken on a multitude of operational leadership roles. Today, I am the Global Vice President of Account Management, with a portfolio of $160 million.

I am a proud mom of three beautiful children under the age of 11. At times I struggle with balancing work/life to meet the demands of being a great mother, wife and employee. My biggest hardship yet has been losing my father. As my #1 mentor, my father helped me find my path when I faced difficulty or uncertainty in my vision. As a young child, he would ask me every night at the dinner table, “Were you a follower or a leader today?” These words gave me the desire and drive to become the strong career woman I am today. I credit ongoing mentorship and coaching as key elements of my success.


In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the bold and powerful women of Foundever by sharing their stories – about balance, about success, about gender equality, about change, about what it feels like to be a woman today.

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