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Kenneth Eduardo Larios Sunsin

So far I have been at Foundever for almost 11 months 10. To be honest I wasn’t really expecting to stay here for more than a couple months due to college beginning as well as other things. It’s been more than that and here I am enjoying my job in a healthy and fun workplace and will continue this way as much as I can. My main focus here at Foundever is to challenge myself and keep on growing. Currently I am a customer service representative, but I a looking to move higher up, my next big goal is QA analyst since I like helping others improve more and be at the expectations that they want themselves to be in. To help others figure out that as long as you do everything well, you will find joy in what you do even if Foundever was only to pay bills they will find out that how good this company is, and no longer will be only to pay bills but to also have fun and find joy.

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