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Kieran Rosevear

Having joined the site in Plymouth in May 2018, providing essential customer service for the client at the time as an Agent for 16 months, I can say it was an experience to share with you all today.

I look forward to my return to the site in April 2020 with my recent departure in November 2019 due to personal reasons. Having been given the opportunity to return was a great feeling and even better knowing the client I will be working with will benefit the country as a whole!

Although the start of my journey had a few bumpy rides to overcome, the experience was great. Support was there when needed, my teams have been amazing along with the Team Managers I have had a chance to learn and push forward with as well have been great.

My role before departing was a cross-trained agent, both taking care of my own wellbeing and, most importantly, my team members during times of stress and busy periods.

I would like to thank the site for accepting my return and look forward to providing the level of customer service I previously provided to the client.

Stay safe everyone, and I look forward to returning soon!

Kieran Rosevear

United Kingdom

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