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LeKeisha McHenry

At EmpowerCX 2019, our annual customer experience (CX) event, we recognized and celebrated three Foundever associates who are enhancing CX – one experience at a time. This is their story:

Early in her customer service career, LeKeisha had a life-changing experience on a call where a customer was having a very hard time after losing her husband. The customer was very depressed and contemplating ending her life. During the call, LeKeisha used empathy to connect with the customer and help her overcome these negative thoughts. LeKeisha understood the powerful impact she can have in others’ lives and believes this can be done by establishing an emotional connection on each and every call – and never making assumptions on what the other person may be going through.

Today, she has been with Foundever for almost five years as a Work at Home associate in Dallas, Texas. She has been with her husband for 23 years and has seven children and eight grandchildren. Many of her children have attended college or are on track to graduate high school with honors and achievements. Her proudest moment was watching her 19-year-old son graduate as Class President and no. 3 overall in his class. LeKeisha strives for excellence both personally and professionally and brings this attitude to work each and every day.

Time with the company: 5 years in October

Position: Work at Home Associate in Houston, Texas

Q: What do you love about Foundever?

A: I just love that it’s a family-focused company. When I lost my granddaughter and my cousin within two days of each other, everyone was flexible and understanding. Some jobs don’t care about what happens in your life – Foundever does.

Q: Takeaways from EmpowerCX?

A: This conference has changed my perspective on this industry because it has made me want to step outside of the box.  

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