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Maria Cecilia Bitoncol

I started with the company in 2006. I remember that I enrolled in a computer school to learn basic troubleshooting steps like understanding what is a mouse, a monitor, what do we mean by cables etc. I wanted to learn more about computers but when my trainer said “let’s do call simulation!”, I was perplexed and I started asking questions. I failed my first endorsement. Small world. The person who interviewed me was my school mate in elementary. I was amazed and challenged by that experience. On my second endorsement to that campaign, I finally made it. We were only four scheduled on that day to be interviewed by a beautiful manager and I was the only one who passed. She was impressed.

I was like my trainees now. I know nothing. Scared. A quitter. The struggle was real, but Foundever is the place to be. Why? Because they value people. I learned the hard way. I’ve been with different campaigns. Foundever made me feel welcome. This is home. I met a lot of people. Some inspired me a lot. Some challenged me and made me stronger. I wanted that same goal then I became a Quality Analyst for more than four years. My people skills made me wish for more. I desired to become a Learning Specialist, which is what I am now. My support taught me almost everything. It was not easy, but I enjoyed it. Foundever brought out the confidence in me. This company supported my talent in music being invited to events and it made me feel important. My campaign Clients, Managers, Coaches, Learning colleagues, Tier1 and Trainees are working together to reach a common goal.

Our culture is best. We empower humans while we are enhancing our brands. I will keep my word. We only have two BPO industry in this world. Foundever and THE REST! My loyalty is with this company. No one can take that away from me. This is my choice. This is my story.


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