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Marianne Opto

I started as an agent way back in 2019 in March, at that time I enjoyed everything because the account, mainly our process are easy. During our training every time they asked me what I want to be after regularization, I am consistent with my answer that I want to be a trainer. After 2 years, the training team sent an email about their open position. So I tried to apply, unfortunately, I didn’t pass the final interview. After couple of months, they sent another email for another job post, with the help of my TL and workmates I once again tried to apply. And this time I got in😁 I was a trainer for almost 1 year. But I think the universe has a better plan for me. I tried to apply for a TM post and fortunately I got in, and now I am handling 17 agents. I continue to enjoy my journey here at Foundever, I also enjoy the new learnings and opportunities I can get. So thank you to my former TMs, teammates, trainees, mentors, to my mama and especially, my kids. Thank you also Foundever. I am continuously learning and sharing with others what I learned and inspire them.


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