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Mery Mora

Hello, my name is Mery Mora. I am 21 years old. I started working at Foundever last year, and I am part of a coffee retailer campaign.

I thought I wasn’t selected for the job because everybody used to tell me that only people with excellent English could fit in it. I was given the opportunity to be part of FLIP, but it was hard for me to complete the program because of Nicaragua’s situation. Also, I was going to be transferred to a younger FLIP to start over; however, my trainer believed in my skills and I had my last interview when FLIP 148 ended.

I was super nervous and cried when I was hired. I really needed to start supporting my parents since they have fought for me to be what I am now.

On the other hand, Foundever’s environment is friendly. All employees smile and are willing to work as a team, and above all as a family. This is the only company where I have seen that people are first rather than a business.

I feel a valuable associate and a successful person. Foundever has really changed my life, and my economic status. I believe in my capabilities to grow professionally and personally since this company opened its doors to me. I am proud of working here and being a MAX Insider now.

Thanks to Foundever I have learned that when I have goals, I have to be bold and overcome all obstacles, embrace challenges, and show that I can achieve what I set up to do because I am an empowered human.

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