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Michelle Vanegas

I started my journey in this company five years ago. I had recently graduated from college and I needed a part-time job to pay for my degree. This job was supposed to be temporary, but I fell in love, the environment and the development got me at first glance. The fact that the whole company was based on a “People first” culture wrapped me.

I was an agent for around eight months and due to my outstanding performance, I became a Mentor, helping new agents to do their job better made me feel a key part of the company. So, when my campaign opened a position to be LSTT, I didn’t doubt it and applied immediately. I was trained to be a trainer, with patience with expertise and with passion, so when my turn came, I did exactly the same. Six months after being an LSTT, I had the chance to be certified as a Learning Specialist, where I worked for a year. After that time, my hunger for knowledge made me apply to be a Coach. I wanted to explore Operations closer. I learned a lot, I developed in me all my managing and leadership skills and I help my team to grow along with me. After a while, the position of OMTT opened.

I didn’t know if I was ready to perform that position, but I took the risk and applied. I got selected; my happiness was out of this world. Every single time that I’m stressed or I feel like giving up, I think of this day. I was ready to give myself to it and to learn a lot. My boss taught me, and let me learn by myself.

Along with him and my peers, we drove the campaign to a new level, making it the best of the site. As an OMTT, I won the “Best Manager of Q1 and 3” awards. I was competing with almost 30 other managers and my results spoke for me. A month ago, I was assigned to a new project as Operation Manager. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without all the help and support of everyone in Foundever. I cherish this company, our values, our love and our passion. I’m thrilled to continue my career here, to grow alongside my family.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting the bold and powerful women of Foundever, celebrating that we’re all different, but equal. These are their stories of diversity, balance, success, gender equality and about leading the change you want to see.

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