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Murahari M.

Today is a special day in my career, the 8th of October is the day I joined the Foundever Family. Foundever is the 4th call center in my career. I have completed a whopping 12 years with Foundever today. Joined as a Manager of Operations in 2007, grown internally through various learning programs and today, I am the Site Director who has completed 3 years successfully with the organisation. Delivered the best results in every aspect within my individual scope and capabilities.

I will not say that it was easy to grow, learn or adapt. I have always felt that I only got feedback on my opportunities, but today I feel that I was a carbon kept under constant high pressure and heat to transform as a diamond. The only thing I did was listen to feedback and work on my opportunities, regardless of whether it came from my boss or my subordinates or a fellow colleague.

Thanks to all my mentors, especially Suresh Kumar who has been my inspiration and role model for the art of management since 2003; Gautam Sinha for teaching me how to deal with complicated things in simple ways; and Ravi Iyengar for educating me on how to create a foolproof bridge plan that no one in the world can fail. I also want to thank other India Leadership Team members, Kalpak Huddar, Sunil Nair, Zameer Zaheer Basha and Nitin Singh, who have given me timely tips!

I will surely write a short article about one best thing that I learned from each of them, which would be useful for the upcoming leaders. Life is all about learning and at the same time, educating others.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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