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Nahomy Zapata

Hello everybody! My name is Nahomy Zapata, I’m studying psychology and I’m currently working as a back office agent in Foundever Nicaragua. My Story within Foundever starts back in 2017 when for the first time I decided to start my life and I chose Foundever, as many of my friends had told me that the best place to start was in this amazing Company due to its job stability and growth opportunities. I started at the FLIP, which I’m grateful for as it helped me polish and improve my English and call center related skills, in that way being able to have a better accomplishment once I got officially hired. Just in a few months, Foundever gave me the opportunity to be part of one of its customer service campaigns and start my path with this big family where up to date I’m beyond thankful and everyday I learn something new. Foundever has not only given the chance to have a stable job with many opportunities, but has been a school and a family at the same time, as it has filled me with values, responsibility and taught me that the color, preferences nor religions don’t matter but the effort and plenty wish to move forward is what is going to teach you how to accomplish your goals and be a better version of you. Today Foundever open the doors to a new opportunity with Max Insiders. Something that always move my soul and heart was help others and not only be a good workmate but also be someone that you can trust and can motivate so you can have the better experience of being part of this journey within the Company which i think that the Max Insider program can give me the opportunity to be a voice.

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