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Patrick Güttel

The world does not stop! Foundever does not stand still! Find the new normal! Under these guiding principles, I would describe our current situation in the world.

COVID-19 demands a flexible change from all of us, both from employees and from the company. For 2 weeks now, I am in my home office and do all my tasks this way. Of course, this means an appropriate adjustment to my daily routine up to the maintenance of communication channels. What was initially new, unusual or challenging has now become part of everyday life.

I enjoy being in constant contact with my family, despite the work I do. We spend a lot more time together, whether it’s just a quick wave from the desk or having lunch with loved ones instead of colleagues in the canteen. But it also means children who appear in the picture during a video conference or loud screaming that causes irritation when we talk on the phone.

What I miss are the ways to work and back, where you could gather your thoughts, prepare yourself mentally or even take a short breath.

What excited me most was the sudden and quickly implemented digitalization from all sides. Not just concerts and sports courses that you can use at home, but any area of work that can be worked on from your home laptop or computer. Since it is my job to digitize trainings and to develop trainers further, I am very happy about this development. I would be happy if this dynamic could be carried on a little bit as soon as the old normality returns. We see that we can be more digital than some people might think. For me and my work, this trend is an enrichment.

For me personally, this change was certainly not the easiest. We still have to find the new “normal”. But the weeks so far have proven that detailed planning makes it possible to reconcile professional and private life with children. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to seeing my colleagues again and I hope that everyone will get through this confusing time in good health.


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