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Priscila Moran

Hey, my name is Priscila Moran. I am 22 years old and I am from Cali, Colombia. I learned English in Tampa, Florida. My family decided to move there when I was 7 years old, lived there for 6 years and came back to Cali, Colombia, when I was 13. I have always been thankful for having the opportunity to live in a different country and learn English. I am currently in the seventh semester of finances and international business.

The reason I applied to Foundever was that I heard really great comments about the work environment and how they motivate their employees. Not only that, but I wanted to try something new and reinforce my English. I started working in Foundever on December 10th of 2018 and I’ve been with the company for 10 months now. All the comments I heard are true; they do always make you feel welcome, make you feel like a family and everybody is willing to help you.

As an agent and mentor, my favorite part is interacting with people and being able to help them to reach their goals in metrics, quality, and always making them feel welcome. In Foundever, it is so easy to speak with the coaches, supervisor and people from different departments, which makes it a great work environment.

I am a MAX Insider because I want to help Foundever improve and sustain the great work environment.

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