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Sarah Carl

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am 39 years young. I grew up in the Niagara Region and have lived here my whole life surrounding by the most amazing parents any daughter could wish for along with 3 brothers and 1 sister. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing grandparents, nieces, nephews aunts, uncles, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, cousins, colleagues, and am amazing group of girlfriends I’ve had since high school and we are all still close today. I am lucky to be married to the most loving, caring, and hardworking husband for 15 years named Ron and have 3 beautiful sons Bailey, Hunter, and Rowan. I love to visit the most magical place on earth called Walt Disney World, settle down in Rosewood for some downtime with the Pretty Little Liars, and read a Harlequin romance novel when I have time for it and my childhood dream is to be published with them one day.

The number one dream I had growing up was to become a mother. As 1 in 5 people deal with infertility, my husband and I tried for years to conceive naturally. We were unable to but thanks to so many advancements in science and by the grace of God, we were blessed with our three miracle sons. Overcoming the grief of having 5 miscarriages, doing IVF, and all the procedures that go along with it was the most challenging but miraculous moments of my life. I am so grateful for my husband for being supportive throughout the journey and all my family and friends. The pain, uncertainty, and joy were worth it when I looked into the beautiful blue eyes of my three beautiful sons. This journey taught me resilience, strength, and to keep going. These moments are just the most tragic but the most joyful moments of the story of my life.

I applied at Foundever because I had heard so many amazing things from all the reviews I had seen online. I wanted to work for a company where I had a future, where I would be treated as a person not just a number, and that there was room to grow. I have always loved helping people and knowing that asset brought me to apply at Foundever as a customer service agent.

I began working at Foundever in June 2019 and was greeted by a positive, socially conscious, team-driven and enjoyable environment from day one. My trainer Jinnie was amazing along with Jenn and I met so many amazing colleagues that are friendly, kind, helpful, and supportive. I was drawn to the amount of volunteering that Foundever does and how much they care about not only their employees but the community at large right in our own area. The culture here is exceptional and positive and you are greeted every day by a friendly smile and so much support it’s amazing.

Now, I am blessed to have an amazing coach named Bethany and work with an amazing team who are kind, caring, supportive, and helpful. I feel blessed to have this job and LOVE coming to work every day. I honestly can’t say from any other job I have ever had that I can say I LOVE coming to work every day. My family and friends have all see the positive change in me and how much happier I have become becoming such an amazing part of an amazing team!

My favorite part of working at Foundever is just everything about it. First, I love helping customers and being able to speak with many different people and help solve their issues and feel good every day that I am able to make someone smile and help to brighten their day. Next, I love my colleagues and working with them. It’s a team environment and the support is amazing. Last, I love all the amazing activities and community support Foundever gives the community. It’s an amazing culture here that helps fix my work and life balance. I feel proud and so grateful to be a member of the staff here and I am excited about my future here.

Working as Foundever has made a difference in my life because it has allowed me to feel good about myself and be happy to come to work every day. There’s no place I would rather work than here! I feel at home when I am here and the skills, training, and experiences I have learned have only grown each day since I have been here.

Walt Disney once said, “Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards-the things we live by and teach our children- are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchanged ideas and feelings.” This anecdote reminds me of Foundever because I believe in their ideals and ethics, and I am able to exchange ideas and learn so many new skills each and every deal to help in my career as a customer service agent. There is an open door policy here and I am so grateful Foundever believed in me and hired me on their team! It is possible to love what you do and love where you work, and Foundever has given me that dream.

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