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Sofia Calvo

Apart, but connected. 

That’s how I would describe the last few weeks. Working from home is our new normal – not just at Foundever, but across the world. As we all adapt to the global situation, I can’t help but feel grateful, proud and inspired by my team. 

In these challenging times, we’ve come together like never before, making sure we’re staying connected, getting our work done and most importantly, checking in on each other.

It’s not the “working from home” that’s difficult. It’s the adjustment to working and living from home – 24/7 without a change of scenery. Every one of us is trying to figure out how to get used to this new routine, shop for groceries, stay calm, keep ourselves (and our families) healthy – it’s a lot. Especially when I’m used to being in the office with a group of creative, fun and lively individuals.

These are a few things that have helped: 

  • Maintain routine. Try to stick to the same routine that you follow during a typical work week. Wake up, have breakfast, get dressed and start (and end) your workday at the usual times. 
  • Stay connected. Whether it’s for work or fun, having (virtual) face to face with the team makes it *almost* feel like you’re at the office. 
  • Give yourself a break – literally. Take a few minutes from the workday to go for a walk, get a snack, call a family member or even get some fresh air. Times are weird and nobody expects you to be “on” 24/7. 
  • Know it will pass. Though it might not seem like it, this will pass. They key is to take it day by day, and know that we are all in it together.

I can’t wait to be back in the office – at our Monday morning meetings, enjoying lunch with co-workers and taking in the gorgeous view of the Miami skyline. Until then, I am taking it day by day and staying connected with my team.

Apart, but together. 

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