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Stephanie Walsh

What is it they say…you can never go home again? Well, they are wrong…I am most definitely home again! I started my Foundever career at the Resource Optimization Centre in Moncton, New Brunswick as a planner in 2007. Then an opportunity of a lifetime presented itself in 2010…Managua, Nicaragua was looking for a workforce manager for their fairly new site. I applied and was accepted, beginning a tremendous adventure for the next 4 years.

I had the pleasure to live in Managua for 6 months and then traveled back and forth to Central America as needed while working from home. There is no doubt in my mind that Nicaraguans are among the most amazing people in the world – I thank my lucky stars daily that I had this opportunity to work with them. As it goes, life happened and I needed to change my work to something closer to home, so I left Foundever with a heavy heart.

Fast forward 5 years and my phone rings…a chance to return to home! The company was looking for a WF Manager for the growing Work at Home WF team, who just happened to be situated in Managua. I quickly threw my hat into the ring! As a successful candidate, I returned to Foundever and Managua in June of this year to meet my new team. They are just as wonderful as I expected: hardworking, friendly, welcoming and fun-loving – what more could I ask for? Now that I have a couple of months under my belt, I am very happy with my decision to return to a great company with even better employees. Being part of the MAX group is the icing on the cake, how lucky can a girl get?

PS: My picture is from a recent Glass Tiger concert here in Newfoundland…not sure many of you will know that band but if not look them up – one of the best from the 80s!

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