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Steylor Carlos Méndez Bonilla

Every story has a beginning. Mine is back on October 2020, when I joined to the BPO industry here at Foundever. Wow, there could not be a better place to work at. Foundever is an amazing company and I love the opportunities they offer and the experiences I’ve had working here, but more than that, Foundever is a big family. We’re all part of this big family and we are here for each other.

In Foundever, I’ve learned so many new things with wonderful teams, I have developed so many skills when it comes to customer service experience as well and I am so proud of being part of this awesome company.

As a MaxInsider, I am absolutely sure I will bring new ideas to the company, I will expand my mind when it comes to knowledge about Foundever and more than just that, I will promote Foundever’s values and ideals, in order to make our company grow in so many senses such as union, engagement and support.

I love to work with people and support them as much as possible in everything they need, so I trust that those skills will help a lot to motivate and asisst to our company associates and I am sure I will do my best.

Becoming a Max Insider is, for me, about enhancing the company environment we have and looking for excellence and union, always! And I am ready to do that!

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