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Tiffany Woodson

Working for Foundever at home is truly awesome. I have 3 kids, ages 13, 11, and 5.  I absolutely feel like a superhero every day. My daily routine is to wake up early and get all the kids ready for school, make sure clothes are ironed and fix breakfast; get them on the bus, try to cook or prep a meal for my husband when he comes home on break, and cook something for after school for the kids and maybe manage to fit cooking dinner in, it’s a lot! Now, working for Foundever from home, I am always able to put my kids on the bus straight from my front door and cook meals for them on my break. I can wash clothes and clean the house on breaks as well. I also have 5 cats and a few plants to take care of. Sometimes I do so much on my breaks that my family wonders if I even work because normally, if you have a job that is not from home, it is very hard to take care of all these things and it leaves more chores for the kids (which they hate lol). I find it to be amazing and awesome because they count on mom for everything and working for Foundever from home helps me keep the balance of being a wife, mother, and employee. Normally if I did not work from home, none of these things would be possible for me to do on time or as easy as I can now. This job helps my family appreciate me more and it really does make me feel super. I’m helping customers throughout the day and taking care of my family. Such a great feeling!! In the beginning, I was nervous about working from home and having to take care of my family from home while working, but it is a breeze now. So grateful to have the opportunity to work for Foundever and be a supermom/superhero.

United States

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