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Valerie Pontius Supplee

In 2014 I moved to Georgia from Ohio for my High School Sweetheart. I had lost my mom in 2013 and was grieving really hard. I was a registered Nurse and transitioned over to medical transcription from home for Ohio State University.

After moving to Georgia I struggled to find work. I could not believe how difficult it was to start over. A year and a half goes by, and I met someone who had worked here at Foundever..They said they had only worked here for two weeks and did not have much to say about it. I put my application in. A few days later I end up with Chronic Bronchitis. After being in the Emergency Room all day, I came home to an email from a recruiter. They had set an interview for the next morning. I was in tears and could barely talk. She called the next morning. I apologized and told her I was ill. She said she appreciated that I did not cancel and that showed commitment. I thought I was going to get passed over. I asked how long before you knew if you were hired. She said usually a few days, but with you, I will tell you now. I was crushed and dropped in tears. I thanked her for her time. She said whoa, I am hiring you. I was shocked. I have had some great Coaches. A few scared me lol. Foundever has been with me during my pregnancies and my son was diagnosed with Leukemia to me having Ovarian Cancer. I am so blessed to have had 2 great coaches on my journey. Irving and Christian have helped me with so much while on their teams, and pushed me with positive intentions the whole way. Foundever has been a challenging journey. I have met a lot of new friends and have lost a few. We have shared so many laughs and giggles to a lot of tears while on this journey. My recruiter has left Foundever and still emails me to see how I am doing at my position. I love my Foundever family. 11/9/2020 I will be here for 5 years.

United States

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