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Victoria Y.

Life is generally a blessing and one should take every single opportunity to grow, learn and get better.

I am this way. I have always tried to tune my perception in a positive way so that the challenges would be fun and problems would turn into competitive tasks.

I’m Vi and I’m from Kerch, Crimea (try to Google it). I’m 23 and I almost have 2 Bachelor degrees. One in International Journalism and Broadcasting and another in Hospitality Business. My whole life is determined by working with people and trying to give quality in everything I do (personal and professional). Because otherwise, what’s the point?

To be honest, when you are 21 and you just starting a path in a serious company as your first working experience, you might have doubts at times. “Will I be able to handle it?” “What if I’m not good enough?” And so forth.

However, there’s always a path of adventures that lead you to the point of success. If you work hard for it 🙂

I joined Foundever in February of 2018 and sincerely, I loved it. I was super scared to pick up calls, but I was excited about helping people at the same time. With this attitude, every single customer left the call with 100% effort to help from my side. That’s how passionate I was to help and improve and represent my project as a true customer support center.

My Team Manager even joked once that “your Action Plan will be to help them a bit less, explain less, talk less”. If only everyone could have an AP like this, huh?

I enjoyed an opportunity to be a certified OCP mentor and help other representatives to get on the proper care and service level. It was an honor and another opportunity. I could shape people; I could deliver the message of how to get proper in this job.

But probably the breakthrough moment was that sweet November in 2018 when I was selected as a CTT and some weeks later was successfully promoted to a Team Leader. So fast! So suddenly.

I mean, you don’t get the full scope of these things when you’re young, I guess. It’s amazing. I was the youngest manager, among others and I was proud to make it that far. I knew I had 0 experience but what I knew more is that I was hungry to learn and perceive, I was open for ideas and criticism because I wanted to get better.

I had a chance to share my voice even better then. I had my own team, I had huge responsibilities. And I had to learn everything holding a hot plate – immediately. And that was a challenge. But what a challenge!

I can write forever, as you probably noticed. But not everyone likes reading a lot, I believe we all already get sick from the habit of reading corporate emails.

Therefore, to cut a long story short, I am grateful. At times exhausting and stressful, this job brought me irreplaceable experience, great acquaintances, valuable lessons and insight that many true managers/leaders lack.

Thank you for your time, if you have reached this far 🙂

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