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My journey in Foundever started a few months back when a friend suggested I join the company she had been working for. I had been living abroad for a while and was a bit anxious if I was going to get the hang of working in Serbia. From Day 1, I could tell I’ll fit in just fine!

Over the past few months, I have learned so much about the importance of Customer Service. At Foundever, we are not just agents who people call to complain; we resolve problems they have, and we are there to lighten the mood with a joke. We effortlessly go the extra mile to delight and surprise our customers and clients.

I continue being impressed with the enthusiasm and the work ethic I encounter among my colleagues. The support and the acknowledgment I continuously receive from the management inspires me to work harder. Charity work, numerous workplace activities and the fact we as employees are often asked about our opinion shows me that Foundever honors the motto ‘People First’.

I am so excited about the future, new challenges and opportunities, and I cannot wait to recommend a friend to Foundever!

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