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Foundever™ Stories

These are the stories of our people

Our People share their Foundever™ Stories

Around the globe, Foundever associates are empowered to create unique experiences: empowering themselves and empowering others – one conversation at a time. These are the stories behind the call – solving problems and delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX) every day.


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I started as an agent way back in 2019 in March. At that time I enjoyed everything because the account, mainly our process, are easy, not unlike with the previous company I worked for. During…

I have always been trying to get into BPO companies, but I thought I was a failure. However, everything changed and prospered when I found Foundever. I made the right decision to join this company.…

Je suis présent dans l'entreprise depuis 2 ans. Et ce que j'ai appris, c'est qu'une telle grande entreprise ne laisse jamais tomber ses employés car elle trouve toujours une solution pour les soutenir. C'est une…

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Everyone has a story to tell - and we want to hear yours. Real stories about success, failure, perseverance, inspiration, work-life balance, being bold and Foundever™ Life around the world. As told by those who live it.

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