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Abraham Paranoor Raynold

I am doing my studies [Aerospace Engineering] at Warsaw University of Technology. A world-class university with a famous historical background in terms of technical studies.

I came to Poland three and a half years ago. I did my schooling from Saudi Arabia. It was always my desire since my childhood to study abroad and travel around the world. I am a person who always wanted to have international exposure so that I will get an opportunity to get to know other people around the world.

Student life is hard sometimes. My life is a perfect example of that. As we all know, we can’t stop some things from happening. Two years ago, I was at a very hard point in my life. So, I decided to get a job and try to learn about myself and support my family. I applied and got rejected right away. It was a hard knock for me at that time.

But I did not stop there and went ahead and applied for Foundever. I got accepted and I was really happy. I joined as an agent, but in Foundever, there are a lot of opportunities to grow higher. I applied to many assessments and won most of them. I became a digital product specialist and later got into the CTT program (Coach Track Training Program). Now, I am the product specialist for my campaign. In just one and a half years, I think this is amazing progress.

I applied again to another company even though I was busy with Foundever and my studies. And the funny this is they offered me a better position, but I rejected it. The main reason being that I am very happy with Foundever and there is a lot of things to learn within this company. Also, this is the best platform when you are studying because the management is very supportive, especially my own team manager Alexander Demiaszkiewicz. He is one of the people who always make sure I am never demotivated or upset with anything. His story in Foundever is also one of the factors that inspired me to apply for internal assessments.

I sincerely would like to thank Foundever with all my heart and I would definitely volunteer anytime for the improvement of this company!! 🙂

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