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Joseph Lau

Where do I start? I was born and raised in Malaysia and working as a sales agent for Foundever was my first job experience since arriving in the United Kingdom in March 2018.

English is not my first language, in fact, not even my second. Plus, I have never been employed in a call centre before. Therefore, I have to admit, I was struggling at the beginning quite a bit. However, after completing training, retaining valuable information and applying it, plus the support of my team manager, I have become more confident in my role. Soon I buddied up with new candidates coming through recruitment and helped other team members with their calls, something I really enjoyed.

Unfortunately, the client took back the campaign I was working on. They offered me the opportunity to work for them directly and I declined because I saw more opportunities for me to grow at Foundever. And so it was. Even though my first attempt to become a Secondment Manager was unsuccessful,

After three months of working on the second campaign, I was given the opportunity to upskill and to move from frontline to back office, dealing with more complex matters.

This is my Foundever journey so far, and I believe there is more to come. I am looking forward to all new developments, to drive and be successful within them.

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