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Adenis Aguilera

Hello Foundever nation, my name is Adenis and this is my story at Foundever.

I have been in Foundever for exactly 1 year and 7 months, I can really tell it has been an amazing Journey, it all started exactly 1 month after I turned 18 years old, I was just a naive kid, from a different City, with nowhere to live, nowhere to stay in Managua but with a lot of energy and willing to take risks, I applied at Foundever and I was not able to get to a campaign on the first try and that’s understandable, I was a kid with zero experience in customer service, however Foundever trusted in me and I was given the opportunity to be part of the FLIP program, class 199. It was really helpful, I met some amazing people, great mentors, awesome teammates that now I can call friends and of course a lot of knowledge that helped me build my knowledge/career path at the campaign that I was assigned for. All sacrifices have a recompense, and I can really tell that, Foundever has helped become independent, now I have a place to stay here in Managua and in my Hometown.

Foundever gave me all the tools, all the knowledge I needed in order to start building experience and that’s something that I’m really grateful for, I have not only been able to develop great customer service skills/empathy/ownership/product knowledge and critical thinking, but it has also helped me to be a Top performer even when I had less than a year of experience and even win incentives from month to month due to my performance! Being empathetic is a skill that I’m really proud of myself, humbleness is the first thing that I like to show to everyone around me including my customers. I still keep learning since I recently had the opportunity to be part of a different Line of Business from the campaign I was assigned for and my knowledge path is still in process. I’m really grateful with Foundever’s decisions about me and for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing Family, I have nothing but appreciation words for this Job and for the great environment that it’s people have!!!

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