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Alun Doble

Hi Foundever family, what strange times we are living in, who would have predicted the changes and challenges of recent weeks? It’s easy to lose sight of the positives, but whether we acknowledge them or not they are still there, in my post I want to focus on that, the good that has come out of our current challenges.

Work at home – Firstly, yes, it’s a challenge. I get interrupted multiple times a day working out of our nursery and it can be difficult to concentrate with the kids being off schools. But when we look back at this time we’ll remember not the challenges but the whole family being together, at home, present. No commuting, no nights away in hotels and no missed special moments. I’m thankful to Foundever for allowing me and many others this work-life balance where we can be safe and still get our jobs done.

Business agility – I’m proud of the way Foundever has responded to this crisis and here in the UK, like many other countries, we have a dedicated team of people facilitating as many of our associates as possible to work at home. They are putting in long hours and face many and varied challenges from networking issues to compliance but have risen to the challenge valiantly. The speed at which we are rolling out our Work @ Home project continues to surprise me.

Community – This goes for both work and home life. I had more conversations and video calls with my team in the last week than in the previous month. We are sharing our workload and all helping out on projects we wouldn’t usually have been involved in. Now more than ever, I really feel like part of a team, despite the remoting working. I’ve also done a shop run for my elderly neighbours, turns out they used to live in my house ages ago and they even showed me a pic of them selling eggs from what is now my front room window in the ’60s. That wouldn’t have happened under normal circumstances.

Lastly and most importantly for me personally, I previously told my Foundever story of how when I first joined Foundever, I was in the process of coming to terms with the death of our beautiful baby Theo, and that the people I work with helped me enormously in that regard. In that piece, it also stated that there would hopefully be a happy ending and there certainly was.

Our 4th baby, Luca, is now almost 5 months old after arriving safe and well. The very best part about working from home is that I get to see and spend much more time with him.

Please look after each other in these uncertain times and like before, I’ll leave you with another great Dr. Seuss quote, which I think fits perfectly for our current business challenges.

“So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! 98 and ¾ percent guaranteed. Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

United Kingdom

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